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The primary purpose of this endorsement course is to provide instruction, public service and motorcycle safety. This course was designed to give experienced riders a hands on opportunity to understand and develop specific competencies to take the Secretary of State Motorcycle Driver Test. Call to sign up.


Course Information

Do I need to know how to ride?

Yes. This is not a beginner's course. It is recommended that the participant have six months riding experience. The instructor has the option of excusing any participant from the course who does not demonstrate adequate riding skills and/or experience.

Is this a required course?

No. This is a fast track to getting the experience you need to quickly and easily pass the driving portion of the Motorcycle License Test.

Who may take the course?

Participants must be 18 or older to enroll, and have a valid driver's license.

Course components.

We will provide you with:

1) A test track similar to the one you will be taking your state riders test on;

2) A 250cc Honda Motorcycle for riding and testing afterwards;

3) Approximately one hour of one on one instruction from a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified Training Instructor.

What is needed?

Participants are required to wear proper protective attire. Including: boots or shoes, long sturdy pants with no holes, long sleeved shirt or jacket, and helmet. Gloves and eye protection are optional.

What is the cost of the course?

The cost of the course is $165 and includes the course components listed above. Payment is required before taking the course.

The Secretary of State charges a $35 fee to complete your Motorcycle Driver Test. This fee is separate from our cost, and will need to be paid directly to the Secretary of State.

How do I schedule for a course?

Call Bay Cycle and we will set you up with the instructor. Flexible course times are offered during store hours, weather permitting. After completing the course, the instructor will make arrangements with you to have the motorcycle available to take the Secretary of State Motorcycle Driver Test.


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